KTM Zero Current Magnet Engine Technique

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Posco to produce & supply high manganese steel to ExxonMobil for slurry pipes

South Korea’s largest steel maker Posco announced on Wednesday it has agreed to supply commercially developed high manganese steel to U.S. oil company ExxonMobil for slurry pipeline...Read More

How Ball Valves Work?

Valves play an important role in manufacturing various kinds of items we use or come across on a day-to-day basis. From bicycles or automobiles, jet airplanes, or the oil you use fo...Read More

Introduction to Valves – Pressure Seal Valves

PRESSURE SEAL VALVES Pressure seal construction is adopted for Valves for high pressure service, typically in excess of above 170 bar. The unique feature about the pressure seal Bon...Read More

5 Benefits of Nickel Alloy Pipes

Nickel 101 Nickel is a ductile, hard, silvery white material. You rarely find it alone, but you will find as an alloy in a wide variety of different materials. It’s used in the coin...Read More

Types of Valves Used on Ships: Gate Valve – Part 1

A variety of valves are used in the piping and machinery systems of the ship as per the need of the flow pattern of the liquid. All valves used on ships have the basic functionality...Read More

The Advantages of Using Butterfly Valves

What Is A Butterfly Valve? A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve used to regulate flow. A metal disc in the body of the valve is positioned perpendicular to the flow in the clos...Read More

Temperature Considerations for Pressure Relief Valve Application

The process of selecting or evaluating correct set pressure for pressure relief valve application is relatively straightforward – the set pressure of the pressure relief valve is co...Read More

Theory of Oxy-Fuel Gas Cutting

Oxy-Fuel gas cutting is functional for use with low carbon and low alloy steels, with a carbon content generally restricted to 1/10 to 3/10 of 1%.  The various alloy elements found ...Read More

Tube vs Pipe – The Differences

Even looking on the internet can lead to confusion, as many websites have mistakenly misidentified the real differences between them. Well, since I’m a know-it-all, let me try...Read More

Globe Valve Used on Ships : Design and Maintenance

Glove valve, a type of valve, is commonly used on board ships in places such as bilge suction lines. A linear motion valve, which regulates the flow of the fluid, the valve has a gl...Read More

How does it work: Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a flow regulating disc valve. According to the BVAA, a butterfly valve is “a valve in which the obturator rotates about an axis at right angles to the direction...Read More

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