FPSO Engineering

FPSO Engineering

Evopod completes trials

The Evopod is a device for generating electricity from coastal tidal streams, tidal estuaries, rivers and ocean currents and rather than being attached to the seabed it offers a uni...Read More

Design and construction of the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind farm

In September 2015, the Eneco Luchterduinen offshore wind park has been officially opened. As an EPC contractor, Van Oord was responsible for the engineering, procurement and constru...Read More

Sewage Treatment Plant on a Ship Explained

Discarding sewage produced onboard on a ship is one of the few tasks on a ship which should be taken utmost care of if one wants to same him and his shipping company from heavy fine...Read More

The Hazards and regulations regarding the Sewage Systems

Raw sewage discharged into restricted waters will eventually overwhelm the self-purification ability of the limited quantity of water. In a closed dock the effect can be seen in a b...Read More

Types of Sewage Treatment

Legislation preventing the discharge of untreated waste overboard has been in place for some time with a requirement that it should be retrofitted where not already in use. American...Read More

10 Important Things to Check While Starting Fuel Oil Purifier on Ships

Every engine room machinery system needs systematic step-by-step starting...

Marine Oil Purifier

Oil purifiers are used on board ship to condition fuel oil and lubricating oil.The fuel oil used on ships ...

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (4) – Fractionation Unit & Fuel Gas Unit

The Fractionation Unit (F-5000) is to process the heavy hydrocarbons separated from the sweat and dry feed gas in the scrubber column (L-C-4001) of the liquefaction unit (L-4000). T...Read More

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (3) – Liquefaction Unit

Offshore liquefaction facilities have different design criteria and process requirement from the on-shore liquefaction facilities. Thermodynamic efficiency is the most important fac...Read More

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (2) – Dehydration Unit & Mercury Removal Unit

The Dehydration Unit (D-2000) is to remove water from the natural gas feed prior to the pre-cooling of the gas. Three fixed molecular sieve beds operating in parallel are used in t...Read More

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (1) – General & Acid Gas Removal Unit

The process is designed for the MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) development of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) topside proce...Read More


SEPARATOR : The term separator in oilfield terminology designates a pressure vessel used for separating well fluids produced from oil and gas wells into gaseous and liquid component...Read More

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