Tube fitting tips

Temperature and pressure decide which type of tube fitting is needed. Metal fittings are used for high temperature and pressures, plastic fittings for low. Typically, metal fittings...Read More

What are the differences between Socket weld fitting and Butt weld fitting?

Socket Weld (SW) fittings are defined in the ASME B16.11. As with socket weld, a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of the fitting. Both the pipe and the fitting are square cut, ...Read More

Using Chrome Pipe or Tube – How to Cut and Bend Chrome Pipe

Using Chrome pipe and tubing: Chrome pipe or tube is simply copper pipe with a chrome coating or finish. This type of pipe is more difficult to use, and often ignored by DIY enthusi...Read More

Heat Shrinkable Boot and Sleeve (HSB & HSS)

Heat Shrinkable Boot and Sleeve (HSB & HSS) Corrosion protectives Special care is required for installers due to the potential corrosion of metals and alloys when installed in a...Read More


DK-Lok Tube Fittings have been designed specifically for the many demanding application chemical, petroleum, power generating, pulp, paper and various types of manufacturing industr...Read More

DK-Lok Instrumentation Pipe & Weld Fittings

Features of DK-Lok Thread Fittings Wrench flat body design allowing standard Hex. wrench assembly. Attractive finishes to suit precision equipment. Much less-weight design compared ...Read More

DK-LOK Fittings and Valves for high-pressure equipment

DK-LOK Fittings and Valves for high-pressure equipment. Size Range: 1/16″ thru 1″ 316 SS, Carbon Steel, Brass, and Exotic Metals Pressure Range: 1000 PSI thru 10,000 PSI Full-Flow Q...Read More

Join the Switch to DK-Lok

By utilizing DK-Lok fittings and valves, we are saving our customers millions of dollars every year.  Companies such as Exterran, Chesapeake, Shell, GE, ExxonMobil, BP, and many oth...Read More

Watertight Sliding Door

The electric / hydraulic-operated watertight sliding door is compact modular type, and it is delivered in the condition for quick installation. The door is factory tested and adjust...Read More

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