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What is post delivery work ?

KHAN has been provide post delivery work on offshore plant and you will know the process of post delivery work from this post. Furthermore, KHAN has been providing multi-discipline ...Read More

What is SaVo System ?

Safety & Voice System (SaVo Systme) is an Automatic Emergency Call System at unconscious state & Easy Communication System.

Minimum Required Documentation for Supplying Materials

Building plant requires a lot of paper works such as QCP, ITP, Manufacturing Procedure, Sub-vendor list, Mechanical Book, Installation Manual, Quality Assurance Record, MTC and so o...Read More

Titanium Tube Crack

The crack on the titanium tubes which is the surface of condenser, was found during the commissioning. There are a few causes of tube damage which may occur by one or more combined ...Read More

Corrosion, and Painting Failure

The purpose of painting is to prevent corrosion from moisture, acid gas, or other factors. So, we apply varnish coating, galvanizing, or anti-corrosion coating for steel products. H...Read More

Pitting on the Surface of HIC(Hydrogen Induced Crack) Plates

Pitting or Pitting Corrosion is well known quality failure which we can find on the surface of steel products. Every steel products have stabilized surface which doesn’t respo...Read More

Cause of Rust on the Surface Painted

Steel products easily get rusted unless it’s stainless steel. There is many efforts to prevent rusting for example painting, varnishing, or rust transforming for the rust alre...Read More

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (4) – Fractionation Unit & Fuel Gas Unit

The Fractionation Unit (F-5000) is to process the heavy hydrocarbons separated from the sweat and dry feed gas in the scrubber column (L-C-4001) of the liquefaction unit (L-4000). T...Read More

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (3) – Liquefaction Unit

Offshore liquefaction facilities have different design criteria and process requirement from the on-shore liquefaction facilities. Thermodynamic efficiency is the most important fac...Read More

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (2) – Dehydration Unit & Mercury Removal Unit

The Dehydration Unit (D-2000) is to remove water from the natural gas feed prior to the pre-cooling of the gas. Three fixed molecular sieve beds operating in parallel are used in t...Read More

LNG FPSO MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) PROJECT (1) – General & Acid Gas Removal Unit

The process is designed for the MPDS (Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulator) development of the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) topside proce...Read More

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