PTE Hydraulics delivers the goods

Good customer relations can be a two way street. They can provide the customer the benefit of good service and deliver the manufacturer valuable insights into what products the mark...Read More

McDermott’s Derrick Barge 50 installs drilling and production platform in US GoM

McDermott International’s Derrick Barge 50 (DB50) has installed a drilling and production platform in the US Gulf of Mexico (GoM). Installation work included the heavy-lift of...Read More

Scientists drill through half mile of Antarctic ice for data on ice sheet stability

UC Santa Cruz glaciologist Slawek Tulaczyk is a chief scientist of the WISSARD project, which has just reached another milestone   UC Santa Cruz graduate students Sarah Neuhaus...Read More

Oil Drillers ‘Going to Die’ in 2Q on Crude Price Swoon

  (Bloomberg) — Oil drillers will begin collapsing under the weight of lower crude prices during the second quarter and energy explorers who employ them will shortly foll...Read More

Mud Circulating System

Drilling mud is a important part for the drilling work to maintain the wellbore; Cool, lubricate and support the bit and drilling assembly and so on, most important, remove cuttings...Read More

Shale Oil and Gas Development Changing the Way the Nation Does Business

The development of oil and gas resources is driving infrastructure and manufacturing location decisions, while boosting U.S. competitiveness. In 2014 several states were considering...Read More

Derrick plans second expansion in less than one year

For the second time in less than one year, the Derrick Corp. is planning an expansion of its Cheektowaga operations.In its latest expansion proposal, the company wants to add nearly...Read More

Felbermayr assembles 6.2 MW turbine using LR 11000 and Power Boom

  Felbermayr uses its LR11000 crawler crane to erect the 6.2 megawatt wind turbine Crane service provider Felbermayr used a Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane with Power Boom to e...Read More

Industry set for new MPD guidelines

  Drilling is becoming increasingly difficult as companies are reaching further into deeper reservoirs. Drilling deeper poses a challenge to engineers as wells become ever more...Read More

AP’s biz editors rank top 10 stories of 2014

The rapid decline of oil prices has pushed gasoline to a U.S. average of under $2.40 a gallon. This year showed how sheltered the U.S. economy is from geopolitical and health crises...Read More

PSV launched by gantry crane

Nordic Trym was launched using a 22,000 tonne lift gantry crane – the largest in the world. Photo:Honghua Offshore Oil & Gas Equipment Company Honghua Offshore Oil & Gas Equ...Read More

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