Drilling Engineering

Drilling Engineering

MUD Treatment System

Shale shakers are components of drilling equipment used in many industries, such as coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling. They are considered to be the first phase of a soli...Read More

Drilling fluid : Classification & Mud engineer

Composition of drilling mud Water-based drilling mud most commonly consists of bentonite clay (gel) with additives such as barium sulfate (barite), calcium carbonate (chalk) or hema...Read More

Drilling fluid : Type and Function

In geotechnical engineering, drilling fluid is used to aid the drilling of boreholes into the earth. Often used while drilling oil and natural gas wells and on exploration drilling ...Read More

Video : Mud systems & Offshore Drilling

Effective solids control can be attributed to the overall performance of all the components of the mud systems. Conditioning the drilling fluid with the goal of dramatically lowerin...Read More

Video : Mud Storage Tank, Offshore Drilling

This video is about Mud Storage Tank and Offshore Drilling. also you can see referent equipment on Woomin Tech website.    

Drilling Mud Solids Control Circulation System

Solids control is a technique used in a drilling rig to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well surface. Normally, ...Read More

Classification of Drilling fluids

There are several different types of drilling fluids, based on both their composition and use. The three key factors that drive decisions about the type of drilling fluid selected f...Read More

Video : Mud Types & Offshore Drilling

Selecting the correct type of fluid for the specific conditions is an important part of successful drilling operations.

UDS orders new diving support vessel at Chinese yard

Singapore-based Ultra Deep Group ( UDS ) has booked a new multipurpose diving support construction vessel (DSCV) at China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI). The 8,000-dwt ultra deepwa...Read More

HHI Joins Hands with Accenture to Develop Connected Smart Ship System

South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Accenture, the global digital business leader, are collaborating to design a “connected smart ship system” that will conn...Read More

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