Types of Pipe Flanges Used in Piping Systems

There are different types of pipe flanges  used in the piping systems depending upon the fluid, PT rating, material of construction, connecting equipment etc.  Below are the types of flanges used in piping based on facing.   1) Flat Face (FF) Flanges: These pipe flanges are used when the counter flanges are flat face. They are mainly used at connection to cast iron equipment, valves and specialties. This flat face flange has a gasket surface in the same plane as the bolting circle face.   2) Raised Face (RF) Flanges: These pipe flanges are the most commonly used flanges. The raised face thickness for 150# and 300# are included in the specified flange thickness and for higher rating they are not included in the flange thickness.   3) Male-Female (M/F) Face Flanges: These pipe...

Using Chrome Pipe or Tube – How to Cut and Bend Chrome Pipe

Using Chrome pipe and tubing: Chrome pipe or tube is simply copper pipe with a chrome coating or finish. This type of pipe is more difficult to use, and often ignored by DIY enthusiasts because the pipe has a chrome coating and does not bend well. You will find that the coating of chrome sometimes flakes or cracks off if the procedure of chrome plating is not good quality. This type of finished pipe work is more commonly used in high quality surface plumbing work used in bathrooms/kitchens where it is more visually pleasing than copper or painted copper which tends to “yellow” in sunlight or in constantly warm conditions. A gradual bending can be accomplished with correct bending tools, such as bending springs which are placed inside the length of pipe to be bent, this protects the length ...

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