Tube fitting tips

Temperature and pressure decide which type of tube fitting is needed. Metal fittings are used for high temperature and pressures, plastic fittings for low. Typically, metal fittings are used with metal tubes, but plastic fittings are sometimes used with metal tubes to reduce galvanic corrosion. The fittings used on hydraulic tubing for high-pressure applications are categorized as either permanent or separable. Most separable fittings are threaded. Threaded flare fittings press the flared end of the tubing against the mating surface of the fitting. As the fitting pieces are drawn up tight, a conical seal is formed. Two flare configurations are standard with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The 45° flare is used extensively in nonhydraulic automotive, refrigerant, and marine syste...

What are the differences between Socket weld fitting and Butt weld fitting?

Socket Weld (SW) fittings are defined in the ASME B16.11. As with socket weld, a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of the fitting. Both the pipe and the fitting are square cut, with no need for beveled end or preparation other than cleaning the outside, which allows easy welding and installation. Butt weld (BW) fittings are defined in the ASME B16.9. They are welded at their ends to pipe end, with the same thickness as pipes. The end of butt weld fittings shall be beveled. Butt weld elbow Socket weld elbow Thread elbow Application Socket weld (the fillet weld) resists around 1/2 the strength of butt welding. So it is mainly used for small pipeline (Small Bore Piping) with diameters NPS 2 or smaller. Butt weld keeps better strength, good for high pressure or high temperature pipelines. ...

Using Chrome Pipe or Tube – How to Cut and Bend Chrome Pipe

Using Chrome pipe and tubing: Chrome pipe or tube is simply copper pipe with a chrome coating or finish. This type of pipe is more difficult to use, and often ignored by DIY enthusiasts because the pipe has a chrome coating and does not bend well. You will find that the coating of chrome sometimes flakes or cracks off if the procedure of chrome plating is not good quality. This type of finished pipe work is more commonly used in high quality surface plumbing work used in bathrooms/kitchens where it is more visually pleasing than copper or painted copper which tends to “yellow” in sunlight or in constantly warm conditions. A gradual bending can be accomplished with correct bending tools, such as bending springs which are placed inside the length of pipe to be bent, this protects the length ...

Heat Shrinkable Boot and Sleeve (HSB & HSS)

Heat Shrinkable Boot and Sleeve (HSB & HSS) Corrosion protectives Special care is required for installers due to the potential corrosion of metals and alloys when installed in an aggressive shipyard environment such as scratches, salt water, alien objects and carbon dusts. Those contaminants may start breaking the passivity of stainless steel bare tube & fitting, combine with the oxygen and result in tube corrosion. During the installation scratches, metallic dusts, and etc. must be avoided. For easier and longer protection purposes we recommend sheathed tubes and jacket bare exposed stainless steel tubes and fitting surfaces with heat shrinkable boots and sleeves. Designed for insulating and sealing a multicore tube crotch and individual tube, a cross-linked polyolefin HSB and HSS...


DK-Lok Tube Fittings have been designed specifically for the many demanding application chemical, petroleum, power generating, pulp, paper and various types of manufacturing industries. They provide a highly reliable, leakproof and torque free seal on all tubing connections. DK-Lok Tube Fittings are commonly used on instrumentation, process and control systems or any other application where a high quality tube fitting is required. Standard Quality for DK-Lok Fittings The DK-Lok body, nut, back ferrule and front ferrule are manufactures under very close tolerance control and monitored through Statistic Process Control and are Heat-Code Traceable. The twin ferrule design performs leak proof sealing with all assembly and reassembles motion being transmitted axially through the tubing. This re...

DK-Lok Instrumentation Pipe & Weld Fittings

Features of DK-Lok Thread Fittings Wrench flat body design allowing standard Hex. wrench assembly. Attractive finishes to suit precision equipment. Much less-weight design compared to Class 3000 pipe fittings. Fine pipe thread construction equals or exceeds the requirement of ASME B1.20.1 to ensure maximum thread engagement. Male pipe threads capped for protection from damages. Fitting materials available in SS316, Brass and Carbon Steel. Read more about DK-Lok Instrumentation Pipe & Weld Fittings

DK-LOK Fittings and Valves for high-pressure equipment

DK-LOK Fittings and Valves for high-pressure equipment. Size Range: 1/16″ thru 1″ 316 SS, Carbon Steel, Brass, and Exotic Metals Pressure Range: 1000 PSI thru 10,000 PSI Full-Flow Quick Connects Double Block and Bleed Valves Swing-Out Ball Valves Rising Plug Valves Toggle Valves Needle Valves Relief Valves Hose Adapters Manifolds Metering Valves Purge Valves

Join the Switch to DK-Lok

By utilizing DK-Lok fittings and valves, we are saving our customers millions of dollars every year.  Companies such as Exterran, Chesapeake, Shell, GE, ExxonMobil, BP, and many others use our products as a replacement for Swagelok.  As one Fortune 500 engineering evaluation put it, …“DK-Lok has the look and feel of Swagelok fittings.  All dimensions are virtually identical, and DK-Lok products are a Form, Fit, Finish, and Function direct replacement for Swagelok.” Join the switch to DK-Lok.  For more information, and to learn how we can save your company 20% or more on your instrumentation valve and fitting purchases. For more information click here

Watertight Sliding Door

The electric / hydraulic-operated watertight sliding door is compact modular type, and it is delivered in the condition for quick installation. The door is factory tested and adjusted as far as possible in the manufacturing conditions. On site installation is therefore limited to welding of the frame into the bulkhead and connection of the electric and hydraulics. WTSD is manufactured to your special requirements ...

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